Friday, July 31, 2009

Spofforth Captures World Championship/World Record in 100 Back Tuesday

Spofforth Captures World Championship/World Record in 100 Back Tuesday

"Florida senior Gemma Spofforth walked away from the third day of competition at the 2009 FINA World Championships with both a World Championship and the World Record in the women’s 100-meter backstroke Tuesday, swimming a 58.12 in championship finals of the race."

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Clark Kent gets eyeglasses

The Superman comparisons keep on growing.

Is Tebow really nearsighted?

Or is this a devious ploy, like the Ol' Ball Coach "intentionally" leaving Tebow off the ballot, to throw opposing defenses off their game?

And what will Mel Kiper and Todd McShay think?

Either way, they're a hit with the ladies.

Romans 12:6

Romans 12:6 We all have different gifts, each of which come because of the grace God gave us.

Romans 12:6 De manera que tenemos dones que Varían Según la gracia que nos ha sido concedida

Romans 12:6 照着所赐给我们的恩典,我们各有不同的恩赐

Romans 12:6 神様は一人一人に、何かすぐれた能力を授けてくださっています。

Romans 12:6 ٍضْعَبِل اَنُضْعَب ٌءاَضْعَأ اَنُّلُآَو ،ِحيِسَمْلا يِف ٌدِحاَو ٌدَسَج َنيِريِثَكْلا ُنْحَن َنَتَيْلَف ،َةَءوُبُّنلا َبِهُو ْنَمَف ؛ِناَميِلإا ِراَدْقِم ِبَسَحِب

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Richard St. John's 8 secrets of success

Why do people succeed? Is it because they're smart? Or are they just lucky? Neither. Analyst Richard St. John condenses years of interviews into an unmissable 3-minute slideshow on the real secrets of success.

Richard St. John's 8 secrets of success

2nd Annual Gator Football Charity Challenge

Gator Football Charity challenge is tomorrow, July 31st in the
Swamp. Gates open at 5:30, and the event starts at 6:30. The challenge benefits 6 different charities:

-Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer
-American Heart Association
-American Cancer Society
-March of Dimes
-Cystic Fibrosis
-Children's Miracle Network

For more details, click here.

Psalm 37:8

Psalm 37:8 Don’t get angry. Don’t be upset; it only leads to trouble.

Psalm 37:8 Deja la ira y abandona el enojo; de ninguna manera te apasiones por hacer lo malo.

Psalm 37:8 你要抑制怒气,消除烈怒;不要心怀不平,那只会导致你作恶。

Psalm 37:8 怒るのをやめ、憤りを捨てなさい。 くよくよ思い悩んではいけません。 自分が傷つくだけです

Psalm 37:8 تاب تحمل خود را از دست داده ام و بكلی از

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tebow's Bad Habit

Pat Dooley, of the Gainesville Sun, reveals Tebow's "Bad Habit":

"While we were in Hoover, I had several writers asking me about Tebow's big flaw. He must have a bad habit, a vice that nobody knows about that keeps him from perfection. I told them all the same thing — that he rides his scooter without a helmet. My wife saw him the other day without a shirt (here's where the ladies go, "Oooooh!") and wearing a big bag of ice strapped to his shoulder while he was weaving in and out of traffic.

But Tebow told the Back Nine that his bad habit is something else. "I crack my knuckles," he said. "Way too much." So there you have it."

R.I.P. Donald Wayne Vincent

"The body of Gainesville resident Donald Wayne Vincent, a U.S. Marine who died over the weekend while serving in Afghanistan, was returned to the United States on Tuesday, as family and friends took in the news of his death."

We thank Pfc. Vincent and his family for his, and their, sacrifice to our nation.

Hope Phones

How will your phone make an impact?

Every cell phone given to community health workers connects distant patients to a medical clinic. A $10 cell phone will give 50 families access to emergency medical care, health information, transport services, and clinic resources.


When your old phone is received by the recycling center, it is given a value. We’ll use this value to purchase appropriate, usable cell phones for community health workers at the medical clinics. The average donated phone in the US will allow us to purchase 2-3 cell phones for clinics.

Click here for how to donate. Free postage in the US!

I Chronicles 28:20

I Chr 28: 20 "Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service of the temple of the LORD is finished."

I Chr 28:20 "Esfuérzate, sé valiente y Actúa. No temas ni desmayes, porque Jehovah Dios, mi Dios, Estará contigo. No te Abandonará ni te Desamparará, hasta que acabes toda la obra para el servicio de la casa de Jehovah."

I Chr 28:20 “你要坚强勇敢地去作,不要惧怕,也不要惊惶,因为耶和华 神,就是我的 神,与你同在;他必不撇下你,也不丢弃你,直到耶和华殿的一切工作都完成。

I Chr 28:20 だから、勇気を出して、この仕事をやり遂げよ。 仕事の大きさに恐
れをなしてはならん。 わしの神様がついておられるぞ。 神様は決しておまえを見捨て
ない。 それどころか、すべてが見事に完成するよう、しっかり見届けてくださる

I Chr 28:20
20 ْلَمْعاَو ْعَّجَشَتَو َّوَقَتَف . َكَآُرْتَي َلاَو َكَلُذْخَي ْنَلَو ،َكَعَم يِهَلِإ َهَلِلإا َّبَّرلا َّنَلأ ْبِعَتْرَت َلاَو ْعَزْجَت َلا ِّبَّرلا ِلَكْيَه ِةَمْدِخ ِلَمَع َّلُآ َيِفْوَتْسَت ىَّتَح

I Chr 28: 20
حال قوی و دلير باش و آار را شروع آن . ترس و
واهمه را از خود دور آن زيرا خداوند، خدای من با
توست و تو را تنها نمی گذارد تا بتوانی آار ساختن
خانه ء خداوند را تما م آنی.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tebow hopes to raise his game a notch

and keeps his class schedule down to a minimum to focus on football.

I Chronicles 28:19

I Chr 28:19 "All this, I have in writing from the hand of the LORD upon me, and he gave me understanding in all the details of the plan."

I Chr 28:19 "Todo esto", dijo David, "Está por escrito, porque la mano de Jehovah Está sobre Mí, y él me ha hecho entender todos los detalles del diseño."

I Chr 28:19 大卫说:“以上这一切,就是一切工作的样式,都是耶和华用手写给我,使我明白的。”

I Chr 28:19 ダビデ王はソロモンに言いました。 「この見取り図はみな、神様から直接いただ

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Problem with Perfection

As SEC Media Days drew to a close, the oft repeated refrain regarding Tim Tebow was his “perfection.” And if you don’t believe it, check out the selection of articles and blogs at the bottom of this post.

The problem is that “perfection” is as two dimensional as Superman and the eye black that Tebow wears. Tebow is neither two dimensional nor perfect. And his faults are on full view, like the rest of us, because ultimately your strengths unchecked morph into your faults.
Tebow is known for the “passion” he has for the game. His ability to “will” a win, coupled with his determination and intensity. Determination, willpower, and resolve, in any given situation, can also be easily described as being “stubborn.” When asked what some of Tebow’s annoying habits were Dan Mullen, his former coach, reluctantly offered up “Boy, you know, he can be a little stubborn in his beliefs sometimes.”
Tebow also seems to suffer from poor decision making at times. In Austin Murphy’s recent SI cover story, Tebow doesn’t wear a seat belt in the van ride to the prison visit and ducks from view of the police. Nor does he wear a helmet on his scooter (here, and at 3:12) despite the fact that a fellow teammate, Michael Guilford, died of a fatal head wound in a motorcycle accident in 2007 as a result of not wearing a helmet. Instead, Tebow wears a bracelet to memorialize him.
These examples may seem trite when compared to the various off the field infractions committed by athletes that pepper the news on a daily basis. But all the signs are there that Tebow, despite all his good natured humility, suffers from feeling as invincible as the average guy and “let’s the Gator speak for him” from time to time.
In Murphy’s SI piece, it was also revealed that the “immense pressure” of the National Championship game wore on Tebow and began to get him down. On Dan Patrick’s recent radio show, he admitted that he “struggles” with his faith.
These are the stories that Tebow tells about himself in his speaking engagements, the ones that the average sports fan and the greater public never hear, and these are the things that make him more accessible to the average guy, more like Batman, and not Superman.
Superman is invincible, impervious and we all know that we will never be like him. How can we? He’s not even human. But we can identify with Batman. Batman is compelling because of his weaknesses, foibles, his self-doubt, and his struggle to determine in complex circumstances what is actually right and what is actually wrong. He has no superpowers, but is instead driven by his losses and not his victories. Sound familiar?
This is the “angle” that a lot of men want, perhaps even need, to identify with Tebow. Because as it stands, the man that the media portray Tebow to be is “Superman”, a guy without flaws, a guy who wins when he loses, a guy who is a cross between Johnny Cash and Mother Teresa. It makes great smack talk because it's funny, but also because it's intimidating.
No matter what the rest of us do, we’ll never be that good, and we know it. It is because of this two-dimensionality that critics have a legitimate argument with the coverageTebow is afforded.
Kristofer Green, on the Bleacher Report, puts it best:
“We are reminded that he is better than all of us.”
“We are reminded that he is Superman.”
“And the balance shifts ever closer to animosity.”
“The media has driven us to it.”

Jeff Perlman, responding to Murphy’s SI piece, most clearly states his disconnect and disbelief of Tebow:
Mostly, while reading the piece I kept asking myself, “Who the hell would take life advice from Tim Tebow?” I’m sure he’s a friendly kid. But he’s a sheltered 21-year old whose life has been lathered in football and religion.

It should be unsurprising that the audience most receptive to Tebow’s evangelism are in fact prisoners and children. Despite being 21, and even possibly sheltered, which is debatable, there is no doubt that Tebow could easily be doing other things than visiting men which society has condemned, or sick kids in the hospital.
Tebow has been photographed with some of the most beautiful women you’d hope to meet. He not only attends concerts, but sings on stage with his favorite singers. He’s invited to Nascar events by drivers and plays private rounds of golf with pros who want to meet him. And he hob knobs with the President and celebrities on the red carpet that we’ll never meet.
When that 21 year old guy shows up and says “I’ve come to see you today because I care about you” to a death row inmate, “and I’d like to tell you about a God that cares about you,” I have no doubt why a great many of them listen to him. When that 21 year old guy comes by to see your dying child, and says the same thing to you, you are probably thankful for it.
The real crux behind the Tebow coverage is that it is the easy story to write. It is easy to imagine that it is more rewarding, and even simpler, to cover Tebow than the latest athlete scandal. “Tebow just gets better!” is an effortless headline now, and it generates revenue. As newspapers and media outlets compete for web traffic, ad clicks, and a growing need to sell more papers, Tebow delivers on and off the field.
The real travesty is that it not only diminishes a truly great sports story, but also diminishes what we agree with Tebow is the “greatest story every told.” By branding Tebow to be “perfect” the media robs of us a compelling figure to actually admire, foibles and all. It also diminishes the impact Tebow has as a public figure and the message he wants to relate. There was only one guy that was ever perfect, and it wasn’t Tebow.
Let Tebow be Tebow, faults and all.

Practice Makes Perfect

Basically Perfect in Every Way

Superman or Batman?

Or even Mary Poppins?

Second Annual Gator Charity Challenge To Be Held on July 31

Second Annual Gator Charity Challenge To Be Held on July 31

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Tebow Ready For Final Title Run

Phil 4:12

Phil 4:12 I have learned the secret of being happy at any time in everything that happens.

Phil 4:12 Sé vivir en la pobreza, y sé vivir en la abundancia. En todo lugar y en todas las circunstancias, he aprendido el secreto de hacer frente tanto a la hartura como al hambre, tanto a la abundancia como a la necesidad.

Phil 4:12 我知道怎样处卑贱,也知道怎样处富裕;我已经得了秘诀,无论在任何情况之下,或是饱足,或是饥饿,或是富裕,或是缺乏,都可以知足。

Phil 4:12 文なしの時にも、何でもそろっている時にも、どのように生活すべきか知っています。 満腹の時にも空腹の時にも、豊かな時にも貧しい時にも、どんな境遇でも満足する秘訣を身につけたのです

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Romans 4:5

Romans 4:5 People cannot do any work that will make them right with God.

Romans 4:5 Pero al que no obra, sino que cree en aquel que justifica al Impío, se considera su fe como justicia.

Romans 4:5 可是,那不作工而只信那称不敬虔的人为义的 神的,他的信就算为义了

Romans 4:5 救いは贈り物として与えられるものだからです。 もし善行によって救われるとすれば、もはや無料ではなくなってしまいます

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Proverbs 17:22

Pr 17:22 A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Pr 17:22 El Corazón alegre trae sanidad, pero un Espíritu abatido seca los huesos.

Pr 17:22 心里喜乐就是良药;心灵忧郁使骨头枯干。

Pr 17:22 心がうきうきすれば体も健康になり、気がふさげば病気になります。

Friday, July 24, 2009

Phil 3:10

Phil 3:10 I want to know Christ and the power that raised him from the dead.

Phil 3:10 Anhelo conocerle a él y el poder de su Resurrección, y participar en sus padecimientos, para ser semejante a él en su muerte

Phil 3:10 使我认识基督和他复活的大能,并且在他所受的苦上有分,受他所受的死

Phil 3:10 私は今、ほかのことはいっさい考えず、ただこのことだけを求めています。 つまり、真にキリスト様を知ること、キリスト様を復活させた超自然的な力を、身をもって体験すること、そして、キリスト様と共に苦しみ、また死ぬとは、どういうことかを知ることです

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tebow's Eyeblack

Tebow's Eyeblack represents how something small can make a big impact in a world full of noise. With hundreds of channels on cable, endless web surfing, it is amazing that a college football player's eyeblack can generate 94 million searches on Google.

We hope that whether you are a Gator or Gator Hater, if you like Tebow or not, that you'll be challenged by Tebow's "eyeblack" either way. That you'll find what one man has done as inspiration to don your own eyeblack and make a difference. Or if you're tired of hearing about him, that you'll do the same and create some noise out there, and steal some of his thunder, by making a difference in someone's life.

Tebow has fans of all kinds because being a nice guy (doing the right and often hard thing) has paid off, and we hope that every time you see eyeblack on an athlete you will be inspired to write your own" eyeblack" story.

And day to day we'll post a verse for inspiration.

Please comment or email, because we'd love to hear (and maybe even post) your favorite verses and stories!

* * *

Under "'Eyeblack' makes a Difference" you'll find stories of a variety of athletes, and their families, who have made a difference and most against great odds.

Under "You can make a Difference" you will find a few places you can get started making a difference in the lives of others.

And definitely check out "My Life as a Kid" because its never too young to start!


It is good to know that Tebow is a little less than excited about the "Treebow" at Ballyhoo in Gainesville.

"I can't go up and look at it," the carvee said. "People would say, 'There's Tebow staring at his statue.' How weird would that be?"

After saying that he spent 6 hours at Ballyhoo with his parents and Coach Meyer weighing the decision to go pro or return to UF, one wonders if "Treebow" has scared him away for good?

I Timothy 4:8

I Tim 4:8 For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

I Tim 4:8 Porque el ejercicio Físico para poco aprovecha; pero la piedad para todo aprovecha, pues tiene promesa para la vida presente y para la venidera.

I Tim 4:8 因为操练身体,益处还少;唯独操练敬虔,凡事有益,享有今生和来世的应许

I Tim 4:8 体の訓練も大いにけっこうですが、霊の訓練はさらに大切であり、あらゆる行動の原動力になるのです。 ですから、あなたは霊の訓練に励み、もっとすぐれたクリスチャンを目指しなさい.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Phil 4:13

Phil 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

Phil 4:13 ¡Todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece!

Phil 4:13 我靠着那加给我能力的,凡事都能作。

Phil 4:13 なぜなら、力を与え、強めてくださるキリスト様に助けられて、私は、神様の要求を、何でも成し遂げることができるからです