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Tebow Crying Reax 2

Below are a mix of fans' reactions to Tim Tebow's show of emotion at the Gators' loss Saturday and our Sunday Challenge - Have a Good Cry. If you'd like to contribute, please email your comments to us.

Since it is exam week for us
here in Gainesville, there will be light posting. We hope you understand.

It broke my heart to see him cry at the end of the game yesterday. Watching the game was like watching the whole thing just slip away from them. It was disheartening. At one point the camera was on Tebow and it looked like he was praying.

I was thinking about the Bible verse he picked...almost foretelling what was going to happen? In a way it is good in the sense that it is a confirmation and affirmation that he knows Who is really in charge and what is really important...That God is in control and we are not.

On the other hand, he could have picked one out that gave him the victory beforehand--that all he had to do was show up and be faithful and God would take care of the rest. One of confidence rather than acknowledgment. Anyway, Sunday morning quarterbacking.

When the reporter interviewed him at the Total class. He went out like he came in. A gentleman. And a winner!!! Can't wait to see what he does next with is life. It has been a pleasure being on this part of his journey with him.


Like you, I'm sad. Though I'm quickly becoming upset with all the people on Facebook complaining about Tebow crying after the game!

I'm reminded of something Duke's Coach K said after a disappointing NCAA tournament loss. Many of his players were openly crying on the bench as the last seconds ticked away. When asked about it at the post-game press conference, Coach K masterfully said, "We're not crying because we lost the game. We're crying because it's all over."

I think that's why Tim Tebow was crying. Sure, there's the Sugar Bowl, yet all of the team's dreams are over. Maybe that's why I had tears last night, too.


After reading your piece on 'crying' I was able to put things into a better perspective. I respect him 1 million times more for being real and crying. To cry from passion is more human than anything. I love the "...worth crying..." quote. I have posted it on my desk. They laugh at Glenn Beck when he cries out of passion, too. He's not ashamed to cry or talk about God, either, and it shows us his humanity and more want to watch and hear what he has to say.
I can see from the Google search stats the depth and breath of Tim's reach and if that doesn't make his effort and pain worth it I don't know what does.

Thank you for sharing that. And, the pictures of that little boy with his assorted legs and his drive and spirit. Puts us all to shame. I wish you had a video of when Tim gave that speech about Taylor. That would be something to see. (Video here)

We are all touched by this special individual. God bless, Katia

PS. God is always in control so...would there have been more Googles had he won and not cried? How many more millions saw the Bible verse, learned about Taylor, etc., as a result of his loss and crying? Maybe God wanted excellence, humility, passion and grace in the face of adversity on display for the world to see it, at its best, as He knew Tim would handle it?
Hmm...I am no longer sad!


My name is Sonya Elmer and I am a huge Gator fan but more than that, I am a tim Tebow fan. I live in Mississippi and I grew up on Ole Miss football and I am one of those people who lives for SEC football. The first time I saw Tim play, I was in awe and thought, "wow!, I wish we had somebody like him!" I always loved watching him play and I knew they would win the game because Tebow would see to it. He was Superman! He has been a great role model for everyone and if you are a Christian, what a testimony he is!

He inspired me to wite a poem about him and I have never written anything like that in my life!

This is a poem I wrote straight from my heart to the best player who has ever played SEC football.---

Tim Tebow. by Sonya

His name is Tim Tebow.
We call him "The Beast."
He came to Florida to win the East.
He accomplished that goal in record time
and picked off his rivals one at a time.
He wears his faith on his face every game a
nd gives God the glory without any shame.
He is the best player we have ever had,
we call him "Superman" and it makes everybody mad.
People love to hate him because they know he is great!
They can't wait for him to leave and graduate.
This is his last game as a Gator indeed on the national stage where we know he will succeed.
Now is the time for the showdown in the dome. The Gators will win and send the Tide home!
So, to all you Gator haters we don't mind. We are #1 and one of a kind!


Tebow put it all on the line and crying only demonstrated the passion he puts into the game... you all wish you had such a great leader like Tebow! 4 amazing years of Tebow as an undergrad (2 Championships and 1 Heisman), I'd never take that back! I will always be proud to wear orange and blue for as long as I live!


Still love the guy.. he's a real man..


I can't believe how hard it was for me and daughter to watch Tim cry on the sideline. We cried too... I feel so bad about the whole team's dedication and passion in coming back for another year. They've been unselfish most particularly Tim for giving his best in every game.


Indeed, if it's worth celebrating it's worth crying over!


Has it been so long that Alabama has won that they forgot to "act like they've been there before"? For a program that opens their games with the voice of the Bear, you'd think they and their fans could show better sportsmanship and actually take the most famous advice offered by their patron saint, Bear Bryant.

Conversely, Timmy's tears would indicate that he was acting in accordance with the Bear's advice, because he hasn't been on the losing side in 20+ games.

The Gator Nation is proud of you Timmy. Don't change.

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