Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tebow's Eyeblack

Tebow's Eyeblack represents how something small can make a big impact in a world full of noise. With hundreds of channels on cable, endless web surfing, it is amazing that a college football player's eyeblack can generate 94 million searches on Google.

We hope that whether you are a Gator or Gator Hater, if you like Tebow or not, that you'll be challenged by Tebow's "eyeblack" either way. That you'll find what one man has done as inspiration to don your own eyeblack and make a difference. Or if you're tired of hearing about him, that you'll do the same and create some noise out there, and steal some of his thunder, by making a difference in someone's life.

Tebow has fans of all kinds because being a nice guy (doing the right and often hard thing) has paid off, and we hope that every time you see eyeblack on an athlete you will be inspired to write your own" eyeblack" story.

And day to day we'll post a verse for inspiration.

Please comment or email, because we'd love to hear (and maybe even post) your favorite verses and stories!

* * *

Under "'Eyeblack' makes a Difference" you'll find stories of a variety of athletes, and their families, who have made a difference and most against great odds.

Under "You can make a Difference" you will find a few places you can get started making a difference in the lives of others.

And definitely check out "My Life as a Kid" because its never too young to start!