Monday, November 2, 2009

Tebow's smile is back, despite the invisible curlers in his hair

Wow, the Gator nation can be a fickle lot. It seems they only like Tebow when he's "pretty," not when he's "got curlers in his hair." In fact, ESPN, the national media, and we suspect Heisman voters as well, should all be thrown into that lot too.

Gator Country spared little time in throwing up the following headline on Saturday night: "Welcome Back, Tim."

Then Dan Shanoff, self anointed Teblogger, immediately tweeted at the end of the game: "My friends: Tim Tebow and the Florida offense are back."

At least Dooley and Andreu at used the words "rebound" and "found themselves" but still....

Hmm, guys, Tim and the offense never went anywhere. It seems Gator fans lack commitment to their team, and their QB, if that is how they really feel. We agree that Tim and the offense weren't playing up to their potential, and you'd have a real argument if they'd actually lost a few games. But because you didn't get razzle dazzle with your 7-0, it seems to us that alot of the current Gator "fans" are bandwagoneers, and aren't real Gators. And did no one else notice the amount of turnovers, and the "return" of the defensive score? You may as well ask where the D has been on scoring too?

Second, we were surprised that the near euphoria of beating the Dawgs in their goofy black uniforms, Timmy T. taking Herschel Walker's rushing TD record, along with the SEC total rushing record by a QB, and the Gators' being the first to lay claim to the Okefenokee Oar didn't even last 12 hours! 12!

But what immediately replaced the Gators' lauded triumphant return was a story about Tebow and Spikes having a "skirmish" in the locker room at Miss St. (Really? Why is this news? You want fantasy MMA? Go over to Versus.)

This "we need something to cry about" fest then further devolved into speculations and youtube "evidence" of Spikes "gouging" a guy's eyes. All we're willing to say on this one is that if Spikes is sanctioned, then his Georgia counter part needs one too. Call it an eye for an eye, and bad behavior all around, or just move on. All in, or all out, but please no holding one guy responsible but not the other.

(Update: Brandon Spikes has been suspended for the first half of the Vandy game. Tebow's response at the Monday presser, "We didn't do anything they didn't do.")

So moving on....

You know that song we sing at the beginning of the 4th quarter that goes something like this,

"In all kinds of weather we'll stick to-getheeeeeer,
for F-L-O-R-I-D-A! HEY!"

How about actually acting like it?

We're going to say this again, because sadly, it seems to be needed. Gators, enjoy every moment of the remaining six games. Because we shall not see the likes of Tebow again. Greatness, most definitely, because we have high hopes for Gator football, but you will not see another Timmy Tebow.

Love it all, or jump off the Gator bandwagon. Please.

Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty

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