Monday, August 24, 2009

"Are you a winner? I don't believe half of you..."

These were Tebow's words to a group of high school football players:

Tim Tebow and his older brother Robbie made a surprise visit to my son's high school football team tonight right before they took the field to play Bishop Moore in the Spring game.

The game was in Orlando at University High School.

UHS has had mostly losing seasons since it opened. They have gone through at least 3 coaches that I know of. Last year it was Jeff Smiley but he couldn't turn things around so this year UHS has a new coach -- Don Stark -- he played at Drake and was most recently at Winter Park High School or maybe he was at UCF.

Anyway, right before the game Tim and his brother came in. My son said the players went nuts and everyone tried to take out their camera phones but the coaches told them to put them away. He said Tebow didn't really have a christian message instead he spoke about not thinking you will win but knowing it. He said Tim's brother was really cool too.

It must have worked. UHS fell behind but retook the lead, then fell behind again and then retook the lead only to lose it and finally got it back to win 35-28. UHS's QB Curtis Riley looks like a D1 athlete to me.

Tebow must really like using his celebrity status for doing good. He didn't have to take his time to talk to kids he doesn't even know but he was there. ...

My son wasn't real talkative last night but this morning I asked him again what TT and RT said. TT started out by asking the team who is a winner. So everyone raised their hand. Then he said well I don't believe half of you. Because I'm going to beat you every single day. I'm going to work harder. I'm going to get up early and lift weights.

Something like that.

It was a message about how hard you have to work to be successful.

And, apparently, not all of the coaches even knew he was coming. One coach came in late, right when TT was speaking, and had a shocked reaction to what was going on.

RT was more subdued. Thanking people and praising things. The players all clapped and again tried to get his picture but Coach Stark was thanking TT and not many people got pics.

Yup. TT and RT and their parents are special folks.

(Hat tip: JJ)

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