Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Beard (it touched him!)

Janie Campbell, of NBCMiami, puts some perspective on the beard.

Our bearded savior prepares to steamroll into the record books

Signs of the apocalypse: Britney Spears remarrying. Gaping holes in the sky. Fire. Stubble as news.

It's either the end times or today's news was extra slow, because one of those things came true this morning when Tim Tebow arrived to Florida's first fall football practice with a 5 a.m. shadow.

The now-famous beard (it touched him!) will last "probably until media day,'' Tebow said, before his words were etched in steel and hung outside the Swamp. "My mom will tell me to shave or something. [But] it feels good to get out here and just practice and not have to worry about looking nice."

Well, then, all thanks in advance to Mrs. Tebow for sparing us "Breaking: Overexposed QB Sports Overgrowth!" headlines. Oh, wait...Argh!

The novelty here is that a woman is mocking men for their gushing man-crushes, instead of the other way around. In this, Tebow may have even surpassed Erin Andrews. Well, maybe.

But the attention surrounding the beard is evidence that it was a very quiet summer, because apparently, no one noticed his facial hair for the last seven months:

Back in January, when he ripped off his sling

Photo: Gainesville Sun

Spring Practice

Photo: Gainesville Sun

At the Daytona 500

Photo: AP

and at a Magic game

Photo: AP

Maybe it's just us, but we thought "the beard" as news was just a Gainesville thing, instead of shark news in a slow news cycle.

Tebow has now out done the sharks too.