Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bob Tebow didn't like the GQ article

Apparently Bob Tebow didn't like GQ's "mocking" and "sarcastic" tone, "especially towards Urban Meyer". No mention was made of what he thought of the photos, or the overt man crush Fagone had for his son.

Even though the prose in Fagone's article was laughable at times, it was not an unfair or unflattering portrait of Tebow or his beliefs.

The GQ article, and the national exposure it has afforded Tebow, brings with it a myraid of non-sports related coverage, which let's face it, is also pretty laughable.

Thursday night, entertainment gossip program The Insider promoted the GQ story and put up a photo of the bare-chested Tebow throwing a football at Florida Field. Anchor Lara Spencer promoted Tebow as “the 22-year-old virgin,” leading into a Tebow mention along with paparazzi shots of Ricky Martin and Jenny McCarthy.

But should this be a cautionary tale for Tebow and his family? Should they begin to deny access to wider outlets to control his story and message? Who knows? Because strong arguments can be made for both sides. Media exposure is a mixed minefield full of great opportunities and pitfalls. It will be interesting to see where Tebow's media status will be a year from now.

And there's still no word on what his mom thought of the photos.

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