Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brandon Spikes is Shy? Sometimes.

Or does he have stage fright? Either way, we all know what he thinks of OU's O-line now. (They play dirty)

And what does OU think of this? They're not happy about it. The Gators won the game, and Percy Harvin, who had his ankle deliberately twisted by Nic Harris, let bygones be bygones:

But I also remember that Harvin wasn't that unduly concerned about it after the game.

"He grabbed it, kind of twisting [my ankle] a little bit," Harvin told reporters after the BCS title game. "That comes with the game. I was expecting that a little bit. It's all good."

Harvin put that play behind him a few minutes after the game was over. But Spikes apparently has kept his feelings festering for more than eight months.

So, is that what our favorite Gator chomp was all about?
(and just because it's so fun to watch Tebow "let the Gator speak for him")

And for the record, talkin' smack, and even trash, is NOT the same as playing dirty.

Grabbing a guy's ankle and twisting, during or after a play, is dirty. OU should be glad that Spikes just talks phenomenal smack/trash on the field, because it would be a bloody day if the elder son of a preacher man admonished him to "spear them [back] in the ear hole."

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