Friday, August 7, 2009

Coming soon to a field near you — Tebow Unleashed!

Pat Dooley exposes Tebow's "tenacity" in getting his teammates to work out over the summer:

"He'd call me up to go work out and I wouldn't answer," said receiver David Nelson. "So he'd call again. And he'd call again. And again. Then he'd text. I'd finally call him up and tell him, 'You're killing my phone bill.' "

Tebow also only has one class this fall, and intends to spend more time on football than Urban Meyer. If only we all could adjust our schedules to focus on Gator football this season!

But this fall, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow won't have a lot to worry about other than football.

He has only one class to take to graduate in December. He even told Urban Meyer he will be spending more time in the football offices than the Gator head coach.

"I think so," Tebow said after Florida's first practice Thursday. "I think we should have to punch in on a time clock."

Tebow doesn't know exactly what the class will be — "a senior seminar, I think," he said — but it has to bring a smile to the faces of all Gator fans to think this football team has Tebow's undivided attention.