Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Does Tim Tebow have a weakness?

This is the question posed by the Orlando Sentinel's Matt Humphrey.

The first comment/reply to his post: inability to channel the dark side of the force?

Funny, but we disagree. Tebow seems to fall between Spurrier and Wuerffel in terms of being "Old Testament" and "New Testament" in his beliefs. On the field, Tebow is definitely "eye for an eye" or strike first. Off the field, he is known for his compassion.

After the 2008 FSU game, Tebow happily stated he wanted to "hit somebody" after FSU fans cheered when Percy Harvin was injured. "I asked Coach to give me the ball because I wanted to hit somebody extremely hard the next play." Not exactly cuddly.

And then recently on ESPN, Tebow talks about encouraging his team to "hit 'em in the mouth and take the ball down the field" during the half time of the championship game.

No need for help from the "dark side" to be a champion. Tebow is a Christian, and being a Christian man doesn't make you a milquetoast, or mean that you have to act like one to be a "good" Christian, on or off the field. Tebow is proof of that. And if you've checked out the Psalms lately, they're full of smack talk.