Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Fake Tim Tebow

Of all the fake Tim Tebow's out there our favorite is in fact the "FakeTimTebow" on Twitter.

Here's a sampling of his tweets:

I'd prefer orange ink, thank you. RT @rsm4lsu $10 says orlando starts printing everything he says in red ink, just like the new testament.

@rsm4lsu I don't think Jeremy Fowler (@osgators) captured my deep intensity. I'm like an onion -- I have many layers.

I'm not THAT bad. I watch ESPN for kicks. RT @rsm4lsu: The life of Tebow: (Hint: it's excruciatingly boring.)

Brandon Spikes tells it like it is: "Compared to Oklahoma, you won't find anyone [as dirty]."

Thanks to @timteblog for the heads up: Column says I could be the greatest college player since Tommie Frazier.

I am overcome by the birthday messages and Tebowmas coverage by @timteblog. Check it out.

@TeamSpeedKills imagines the Tim Tebow's Wikipedia Entry, c. 2070. "Tebowvania"
sounds pretty cool.

Follow the fun here.

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