Thursday, August 6, 2009

First Day of Practice

In the age of immediate media, and twitter as an everyman's news wire, it is easy to understand why practices will be closed. "Loose lips" no longer sink ships, but "live tweets"will.

Is it any surprise that Tebow and Brantley only took snaps in the shotgun?

For live tweet coverage (today and tomorrow):

Gator Sports

Palm Beach Post

Orlando Sentinel

@GatorBenPBP sprints at 6 am, glad its not me

@GatorBenPBP players running out to field now. tebow is swamped w autographs even at 545 am

@GatorBenPBP tebow and brantley only doing shotgun stuff

@osgators Tebow looks bulkier. no way he's 235

osgators chas henry throwing passes to B Spikes. you dont see that every day

@GatorBenPBP stephen alli on the roster, number 89

@osgators no Ahmad Black, no Emmanuel Moody at practice

Photos: Gator Sports twit pics (despite signs saying 'No Cameras'!)