Monday, August 3, 2009

Football Pays

ESPN's Chris Low reports that Urban Meyer has signed a 6 year - $24 Million contract.

What was of particular interest were the following:

The Florida athletic department has contributed $17.3 million to the university since Meyer's arrival on campus in 2005.

[Meyer] also made a $1 million commitment to UF's Florida Opportunity Scholars Program, which was created by school president Machen to provide financial assistance to first-generation, financially disadvantaged students working toward a bachelor's degree.

Meyer and Florida men's basketball coach Billy Donovan agreed to lead that charge last year. The goal is to raise $50 million.

"I believe that Urban Meyer is the best at what he does," Machen said. "He demands excellence of his players on the field and in the classroom. Not only did the University of Florida win a national championship in January, but all 13 seniors earned degrees and the 2008 football team tied an SEC-league record with 37 players named to the SEC academic honor roll. We're proud he's a Gator.

What is not mentioned is that the UF UAA has contributed over $40M+ to the university since 1990, when Steve Spurrier returned to his alma mater. In the wake of the 2008 National Championship season, the UAA contributed $6M to academic endeavors at UF to offset budget cuts within the university.

Is a football coach worth $4M? Probably not, but at the University of Florida there is a tradition of football giving back.