Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gators' pass protectors get noticed

In the wake of Urban Meyer calling out the Offensive Linemen after the first closed practice, stating emphatically that Tebow is nothing without them, and the Gator linemen deserve to be on the mag covers with Tebow, Gator linemen now have their say:

Actually, nobody needs to tell them -- or Tebow. He's made it clear to the linemen how important they are. Like any good quarterback, he puts his money where their stomachs are.

"He takes the line out to eat," Mike Pouncey said. "He does a lot for us. And we appreciate it. We've been to Outback, a couple of other places."

And the magazine covers? The linemen smiled at Meyer's declaration but they'll pass on the photo shoots, coach.

"He deserves it," said Mike's twin, fellow lineman Maurkice Pouncey. "He's our quarterback, we just block for him."

And they're pretty good at it. The Pounceys are among the 30 or so nominees for the Outland Trophy, which goes to the nation's top interior lineman.

They also understand Tebow is the player where the spotlight shines . . . and all those great snacks come from. If Tebow feeds the scoreboard, they get to munch on all the love that championships bring. And that's enough.

"We do (play a big role in Tebow's success) but that's just how life is," Mike Pouncey said. "As a lineman you don't get all the limelight."

Maurkice added: I'm glad for Tim. I'm glad he got all the publicity. We just want to go out and be the best players we can be. Go out there and work hard every day."

Photo: Andrew Stanfill/

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