Saturday, August 22, 2009

Heisman Pundit's take on Kiper

The Heisman Pundit weighs in on Mel Kiper's "lunacy".

Mel Kiper is a brilliant self promoter. This time he’s generated controversey by leaving Tim Tebow off of his preseason Big Board. Kiper, whose scouting is notorious for its lack of accuracy, keeps insisting that Tebow is going to be a tight end in the NFL.

Jeremey Fowler of the Orlando Sentinel highlights the inanity here and a commentator on the 365 blog sums it all up:

I just don’t understand how Mel can say Tebow would make a better tight end, when we’ve never seen him catch a pass or throw a block, than a quarter back, after winning a Heisman trophy. Mel is basing this off of Tim’s build and measurables. It’s pretty clean we have no idea what kind of tight end or H-back he would make.

Bingo. Just because a guy is 6-3, 245 does not mean his skill set is optimal for the tight end position. Why not outside linebacker?

But more importantly, Kiper is completely missing the boat on the general direction of the NFL these days. A pro team is going to go to a spread system sooner rather than later and don’t be surprised if Tebow is the guy they build things around. Kiper is still fighting the last scouting war, looking for 6-4 pocket passers. Meanwhile, teams like the Dolphins are drafting Pat White in the second round.

And so Kiper has Sam Bradford as the top guy on his draft board. Mind you, Bradford’s a great college player, but if he goes first, I’ll put a pound of pommade in my hair in Kiper’s honor.

We kinda want Bradford to go first now.

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