Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hey Tebow! Get a Helmet!

In Pat Dooley's Q&A column this week he answers the question that we wish someone would dare ask Tebow to his face:

Q: Can you please ask Tim Tebow to wear a helmet while riding his scooter around campus?

Sadly, Dooley doesn't commit to the task:

A: I’m not his mom. And what makes you think he’d listen to me? I picked Oklahoma. It is humorous to watch people slow down when they see him weaving in between cars in the rain with an ice bag on his left shoulder.

Hey Gators (and other Hogtown residents), next time you see Tebow on his scooter, and do this while stopped at a light, yell "get a helmet" to him and point to your head or his.

And Timmy, don't smile that big smile at us, and cup your hand to your ear and act like you can't hear what we're saying, because now you know.

In fact, if you see any Gator on a scooter, without a helmet, do the same; football players, soccer players, volleyball players, and the average student. Instead of "put it in the can Gator fan!" let the new slogan on campus be "get a helmet!"

And Coach Meyer, shame on you for not requiring your players to wear helmets. Especially after losing a Gator in a motorcycle accident. And don't give us "but it's legal not to wear a helmet," because it's legal to smoke and use tobacco but you see fit to do "I don't use tobacco" PSAs and broadcast them during games. How about adding "not wearing a helmet" to your "it may be legal, but it's still not wise" PSA repertoire.

And if you need a verse to help, consider this one:
Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

And, Timmy, we know you can do it, because you wore one in Croatia:

The Gator Nation thanks you all.

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