Saturday, August 22, 2009

It pays to do your homework

either that, or get your head knocked off:

Mike Pouncey, who went to high school and briefly lived with Chris Rainey in Lakeland, said the sophomore running back is ready for a big season. Not only does he have his weight up to 180 – “it’s better than 155,” Pouncey said – but Rainey is finally taking the time to learn the playbook.

“Man, Rainey didn’t have a clue last year,” Pouncey said. “Just thought he had it all, just cause he’s talented.”

As proof, Pouncey pointed to a play in the 56-6 win over South Carolina.

“It was supposed to be an option play, and he ran like it was supposed to be a handoff and he got his head took off,” Pouncey said.

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