Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Media Day Quotes

Most of the quotes from Media Day as released by the UAA

A few favorites:

Photo: Jason Parkhurst, US Presswire

Defensive Coordinator Charlie Strong

On how this year’s defense can improve from last year’s performance:

“Last year, I don’t think we were a dominating defense. We would let some teams drive the ball on us, but somehow we would find a way to make the big play by forcing a turnover or making a key stop. We want to get better at preventing those long drives and becoming a more dominating defense.”

On leadership:

“Leadership is when a player inspires the players around him to play above their abilities. Brandon Spikes can do that. Ryan Stamper is the same way. Both are leaders of our defense. When a player like Brandon Spikes tells other member of our defense ‘It’s time to go play’ or ‘It’s time to roll,’ guys understand that and respond positively to it. Spikes is a vocal leader, while Stamper is not. He is more of a lead-by-example type of guy. That’s what is important to remember, leadership is not always about being vocal. Major Wright leads by example. Joe Haden is another example of a player that is not particularly vocal, but leads by example.”

Junior Cornerback Joe Haden

On becoming a leader:

“I took a leadership position last year as a sophomore since we were really young, especially in the secondary. Major [Wright] and I really tried to lead by example for the other guys. I had to take on the leadership role a little earlier than most players. Now, we are just trying to teach the young guys as much as we can. My style is to lead by example, so I show that by giving a lot of effort, and so far they have been following pretty well.”

Junior Tight End Aaron Hernandez

On his relationship with Coach Meyer:

“Urban helped me get through [losing my father], and that is one of the main reasons that I decided on coming here. He is a great guy and has helped me get through a lot of things in my life. My papa always told me to be the best ever, and Coach tells me all the time, ‘Go get that dream your dad wanted.’ He always keeps me motivated, and I look up to him like a father figure.”

Junior Offensive Lineman Maurkice Pouncey

On becoming a leader:

“We had senior leaders leave. They would come out every day and motivate us. It’s our job to take the next step. We need to be those guys to come out and show the young guys the ropes, motivate them and get them ready to play. We just want to go out every day and be the best players we can be.”

On Tim Tebow being talked about among the greatest college football players ever:

“We’ve seen Tebow live and in person. His field play is outstanding. He lives the right life. In any situation that goes down, he’s always there for you and will talk to you. Everyone has seen him play, but he’s a great guy, too.”

Junior Offensive Lineman Mike Pouncey

On becoming a leader:

“The more you play, the more the younger guys will look up to you. We have big shoes to fill. The harder we play, the more they will follow you. We lifted throughout the spring and have been working every day to get better.”

Senior Linebacker Brandon Spikes

On team chemistry:

“Being around the guys all the time, I look at them as brothers. We kid around a lot. Coach Meyer always says, ‘Look around. It won’t always be like this everywhere you go.’ It may not be like this at the next level. I’m thankful the guys came back ready to work. The offseason was the hardest we’ve been through. The older guys came back ready to work, stayed level-headed, and were just ready to get better.”