Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No. 34

When you think of the number 34, great names come to mind:

-Walter Payton

-Bo Jackson

-Herschel Walker

But Tebow takes No. 34 in a whole different way, ESPN's villian list.

34. Tim Tebow -- Florida quarterback, 2006-present
Hated by: All non-Gators in SEC, plus sizeable pockets of resistance elsewhere.

Claim to Infamy: Too virtuous and too celebrated for many rivals' tastes. Scripture on eye black construed as religious grandstanding in some corners. Willingness to run over opposing linebackers and/or sever a limb to win does not help his standing with opposing fans. Mainly because he does win with tiresome regularity and irksome wholesomeness.

But, you know what, HE DOESN'T CARE.

Photo: AP

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