Monday, August 31, 2009

Old friend wants to pop Tebow in the Mouth

It's finally game week! and we finally have some SMACK TALK.

Charleston So.'s OL James Nicholson played with Tebow at Nease H.S. Despite this, and believing that Timmy has always been "special," he still wants to "hit" Timmy T. and the Gators in the mouth.
"The mentality in the game is to go out and hit them in the mouth and don’t give up," said Nicholson, a redshirt sophomore, told the Sentinel. "Just because we got put down 60 or 70 points or whatever it is, that's not our focus. We'll go out there and execute, every player will do his job. We’ll see how that works out.”

Nicholson said he's excited to see old friends Tebow and Gators OL James Wlson, also a former Nease star.

“He's always been this way," said Nicholson of Tebow. "He's never changed. What I've seen in the national news, I'm not surprised. You could always tell that he was a special guy."