Thursday, August 13, 2009

QB triumvirate share common bond

Ivan Maisel's piece highlights the similarities of Tebow, McCoy, and Bradford as Heisman candidates.

Even though it seems too early for this to be a story, this is a historic season because all three previous candidates, and two winners, are competing. The upside of this story is that all three guys who lead this year's Heisman race are good guys, and in some way, restore a certain level of decency to the game. This is the season you want to watch with a kid.

What sets these three young men apart are qualities such as character and leadership, maturity and -- in a time when people feel a stop at the dry cleaner must be tweeted -- humility.

"They're both awesome players, awesome guys," McCoy said. "They both stand for a lot of good things that I feel this world needs to see."

Tebow, who turns 22 on Friday, has the perspective of a man twice his age.

"So many people and athletes today can get consumed by winning or losing or this game," Tebow said. "That can be life or death for people. If you don't have an outside perspective, if you don't have a bigger picture, if you don't have some type of faith, then, you know, then there's not much you're living for."

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