Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tebow, built like a QB

So much has been written that Tebow is built like aTE or a linebacker, but not like QB.

Is Tebow built like the QB of the future?

Because of his style of play will those aspiring to play QB after Tebow, and this current generation of QBs, be forced to have the size and bulk of a lineman?

Chris Low mentions this regarding how durable he's been as a QB who's taken on linebackers and safeties:

He's been an amazing player, but he's also been amazingly durable for a guy who's routinely taken on linebackers and safeties.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that he's 240 pounds and built more like a tight end than a quarterback.
John Brantley, the QB immediately in line behind Tebow for the Gators, is more of a traditional NFL styled QB. But he showed an ability to run with the ball in the Orange and Blue game in the Spring. But more interesting is Jordan Reed who is a mix of Tebow and Brantley. He has a strong arm but is the same size as Tebow, and takes on linebackers and safeties in a similar fashion.

For those that worry about Florida having to rebuild after Tebow and this year's team, it's not a dire as you think. And for all you non-Gators, it's probably worse than you think. We are not only hoping for a repeat National Championship, we are also expecting Brantley to be our Brady and Reed to be Tebow 2.0.

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