Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tebow, Florida deserve all the attention

Bammers think so:

While a lot of the college football attention in Alabama will be on the Crimson Tide reporting for fall camp Wednesday, a little south of here the talk will be on the defending national champion Florida Gators.

You may be sitting thinking, "Ah, not again. What is it with the love fest with the Gators?"

Well, that's what happens when you win the national championship two out of three years, and head into the subsequent season as the clear favorite. Florida deserves the attention, and not just because Urban Meyer just inked a massive contract extension or the defense is returning everyone.

Accolades from opposing coaches and fans is great, and are listed at length in Walsh's piece, but what is more telling is the clear respect and camaraderie that Tebow shares with his teammate(s):

Perhaps teammate Ryan Stamper, who was a last-minute replacement that day and almost completely overlooked, put it best: "There is no man like Tim Tebow. With everything he goes through, I do not know how he handles all the pressure and media attention. Tim is a great teammate. He really cares about everyone and makes sure everyone stays on top of everything. He is our leader and we all look up to him."