Monday, August 31, 2009

Tebow is the next Steve Young?

It will be even more fun this season watching Tebow play and wondering who he will be compared to next. This week, Steve Young. That ain't bad either:

Can Tebow possibly survive in the NFL?

"It cracks me up," Young said. "We're horrible at picking quarterbacks. Everybody is. It's a hard thing to pick. So they take the ones that are 6-5, 230 and can throw it through a brick wall. I don't understand. You see so many things in Tim guys in the NFL don't have. He's a rare commodity."

The draft "experts," remember, took Tom Brady in the sixth round, Montana in the third, and Ryan Leaf with the second overall pick.

Young says Tebow will have to adjust his game.

"You think he's dumb?" Young asked. "He's going to learn very quickly that the game is a different game than it was in college."

Most running quarterbacks, Young says, don't put in the tedious time to improve their throwing skills -- but he thinks Tebow will.

"Guys that move around are not willing to pay the price to do the job," Young said. "You can't circumvent that truth. I went to law school. It was memorization, study, repetition."

Tebow's passing touch has already improved. His accurate passes while he was under pressure, not his runs, were the key to Florida's win over Alabama in last year's Southeastern Conference championship game.

Florida this year has implemented more packages where Tebow will take snaps from under center.

Young said he needed to see more of Tebow.

"Passing in the NFL is delivering the ball at the right time in the right place," he said. "If you can't do that, you'll find your way out of the league. To me, that's the only issue. Everything else is comical to me. 'OK, what don't you see?' "
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