Monday, August 24, 2009

Tebow thinks news of his back injury is "funny"

Now that everyone knows Tebow's back is fine, here's what he had to say about it:

On Monday, after being full-go at practice, Tebow said he didn’t understand why his back became such a big deal.

“The first thing is mom and dad, ‘Is everything OK?’ ‘Mom, I’m fine,’ “ Tebow said. “Everything is good. I think it’s funny. I think more than anything it makes people worry, friends of the family say, ‘Is he OK?’ He’s OK.”

Tebow said he likely would have been held out of contact work on Saturday regardless.

“If I was dying, I don’t think I would have been doing any more than I did,” Tebow said. “Coach (Meyer) generally doesn’t like me going in all situations, just like he doesn’t like (Brandon) Spikes doing it. I wouldn’t have gone any way.”

Tebow said his back is fine, even though he does continue to get treatment.

When asked how he aggravated it last week, Tebow said, “Probably overwork, like I do everything. It’s that time when you have to ease up and get ready for the season.”

Tebow said he was running around and head-butting teammates at practice Monday, so his back is fine.

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