Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tebow's Legacy

The talk of Tebow's legacy has begun a month before his final season as a college football player has even commenced.

But that it is talked about at all is telling of the impact he has had as a player and an individual.

But what is that impact exactly? We think that it will emerge that he was a team player who payed his dues, who worked hard, and led by earning the trust and respect of his team mates.

In a story about Virgina Tech's sophomore QB, Tyrod Taylor is compared with Tebow:

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow had to undergo a similar transition early in his college career. As a freshman, he played 14 games as Chris Leak's backup, just as Taylor was Glennon's understudy in Taylor's 2007 freshman season. Tebow took over starting duties as a sophomore and went on to win the Heisman Trophy.

We suspect that over the course of Tebow's, hopefully, long career in the NFL his qualities as a competitor and humanitarian will be his lasting legacy, and will be what both future players and fans aspire to emulate.

Photo: Team Behringer