Friday, August 21, 2009

Tim Tebow or Charlie Ward?

Pat Forde gives some perspective on the "who is greater, Tim Tebow or Charlie Ward?" debate.

We felt the same way about Charlie Ward as most non-Gators feel about Tebow. Both were/are great players, and great guys off the field. Liked the guy everyday but Saturday.

But as soon as it seems to have settled down, Bobby Bowden recants:

Steve Ellis of the Tallahassee Democrat was the first to give it a shot. “Who’s the best,” Ellis began to ask. “Tebow or Charlie?"

And Bowden laughed for a moment. He said, “OK, I don’t think I said that,” and it was obvious what he was referring to: the incorrect assertion that he said Ward was better. Bowden didn’t say that. At least not technically. So he continued on.

“It’s kind of like, hey, y’all forget about Charlie,” Bowden said. “It’s kind of like that – hey, you’re all talking about how great [Tebow], and he is. [But] dang, y’all forget about Charlie. Charlie only started [at quarterback] two years for us. We won a national championship one year. Probably came out close to second the other year, you know.

“But, I know when somebody asks me about Tebow being the best ever, my thought was, ‘Can he run better than Charlie? Can he throw better than Charlie? Did he punt?’ Charlie [as] a freshman, Charlie punted for us. And so anyway, I’m evading your answer.”

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