Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Under Center

The main question regarding Tebow in the 2009 season is already, "but can, or will he play under center?"

Montana thinks playing under center his senior year will help him raise his draft stock, but what was conspicuous in its absence, was whether Montana thought Tebow needs to play under center to be successful in the NFL.

As Gators, we look forward to seeing Tebow play under center. It will add yet another weapon to the offensive arsenal, and it will help transition Brantley in as the starting QB for next year, and maybe, just maybe, it will raise Tebow's draft stock. And we remember when the question was, "but can he pass?" What happened? He became the first 20/20 player in the history of the game.

But just look who all wants to know:

Tennessee wants to know.

LSU wants to know.

Mississippi State wants to know.

Kentucky wants to know.

Bama wants to know.

The one thing you can probably bet on, is if the Gators do have something new, we won't see it until the Tennessee game.