Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Urban Meyer

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Gator_sportsUrban Meyer: "John Brantley will see meaningful minutes. He's starting to really impress me." http://twitpic.com/dijjk

GatorBenPBPurban has gotten advice this summer from dr lou, belichick, doc rivers

OSaadelson lou holtz was in talking to the #gators yesterday. meyer: "One of the big messages he had is someone is going to step up."

OSaadelson more meyer on holtz: "That’s what’s important now, not repeating, not the dynasty. It’s who’s going to step up if something happens."

Gator_sportsUrban Meyer: "I have extreme high expectations for this team, but our goal is to get to Atlanta." http://twitpic.com/dijzv

OSaadelsonurban is on the podium now. when asked if this season wd be a failure w/o a nc he said: "At this point I can’t tell you that."

GatorBenPBPurban: "i hope we're number 1 every week for the next 10 yrs" #gators

osgatorsQB John Brantley will play meaningful snaps this year, said Urban Meyer. offense will be more throw-heavy when he is in.

If Brantley will be more throw-heavy, does this make it easier for defenses to prepare for him?

osgatorsTim Tebow greatest ever? "He should be in the conversation," meyer says

If Tim is to be in the conversation, than so should his five linemen, and the defense as well, if we are to take Meyer at his word yesterday. Should this be considered one of the best teams ever? Has a team ever returned 22 starters on defense after a national championship?