Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

This week was a busy one, and we're still three weeks to kick off.

Gator Media day:

* will or won't Haden be in the Wildcat?

* how much time will Brantley get this season?

* Tebow doesn't care what the Gator haters think.

* Coach Meyer was disappointed in the offensive line's practices, but still thinks they should share the magazine covers with Tebow (but they don't wanna).

* The "best fake punt ever" went to the Titans
(finally, some football!)

* Tebow turned 22 on friday, but the Gators didn't sing to him.

* How Tebow manages to be a champion without "channeling the dark side of the force."

* Tebow gets the bad news that Crocs have gone bankrupt.

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