Friday, August 28, 2009

When in doubt, ask Tebow's coach, but not Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer has often said he has been unaware of Tebow's injuries in the past, mainly because Tebow doesn't talk about them. So who do you ask when Tebow and Meyer won't talk? Tebow's high school coach, Craig Howard:

Got off the phone with Craig Howard, who coached Tim Tebow at Nease High School in Jacksonville. The two still keep in close contact. Since Tebow's so coy about the status of his body and Urban Meyer claims he doesn't know, I figured it's best to get a third opinion.

From what Howard understands, Tebow's lower back had been bothersome for a couple of weeks and a slight pain still lingers. Tebow still gets treatment, but Howard certainly doesn't classify it as serious.

"He'll be ready to go," Howard said. "That guy's tougher than nails."

Tebow said he got the injury from "overworking." Howard said he didn't know whether Tebow injured his back lifting a tire at the Gator Charity Challenge on July 31, which is a rumor.

If the lower back is nothing to worry about, Tebow could actually be close to full health for the first time in two years.

Photo: AP
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