Friday, September 18, 2009

Broken Records

If the Gators win tomorrow (we know, "when" but we're being polite, we are Gators after all) it will be the longest winning streak in school history at 13 wins. How nice will that be for the lead to be taken against Tennessee.

Then there is Herschel Walker's record. Tebow is just five rushing TDs to overtake the greatest Running Back's record. We don't expect it will happen during the Tenn game, but it will happen this season.

And then there is Danny Wuerffel's total SEC touchdown record at 122. Tebow needs 8.

Again, enjoy this season Gators! Enjoy it!

For all those years that we chanted "Wait 'til Next Year!" and then next year came. We never even dreamed of this year!

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