Monday, September 28, 2009

Concussions and Tebow's prognosis

Now that it is well known that Tim Tebow has had a concussion, it is worth looking at what that really means. It's a word you hear alot, but it's implications are nebulous.

The Gainesville Sun has a good piece here describing category I, II, and III concussions.

Be patient Gators. There are no definite answers when it comes to head injuries and only rules of thumb in assessing whether and when a player can return to play.

The American Academy of Neurology Web site describes a Grade 1 concussion as the athlete having transient confusion with no loss of consciousness. A Grade 2 concussion is when those symptoms, including mental confusion, lasts longer than 15 minutes, and a Grade 3 concussion is when there is any loss of consciousness, even if it is for just seconds.

A player with a Grade 1 concussion can return to play the same day, while a Grade 3 concussion may require a player to be out for a full week.

However, the number of concussions a player has suffered is also a consideration.

Dede said: “Most people are relatively symptom free a week out, but the risk for future concussions is a little higher.”

An athlete, such a boxer or football star who has suffered multiple Grade 3 concussions, may need a month or longer to recover.

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