Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eye Black Challenger - Rita

We are beginning to post responses to our "eye black challenge." The first "challenger" is Rita, a Gator living in Germany.

I live in Germany. Two of my children graduated from UF, so we are fans. We are thrilled with how God is using Tim Tebow to spread the gospel and keep up with games and news as we can over here. The week of the Kentucky game, I was writing for a women's conference at which I will be speaking in Stuttgart in October. I was writing on Psalm 103. Verse 5, speaking of the strength of the Lord reflected in an eagle, reminded me of Isaiah 40:31. So I used that scripture as a supporting reference. While looking at Isaiah 40:31, Tim came to mind and how he has used Phil 4:13 to share with the world the source of his strength. So, I decided to share with these ladies about Tim and how God has been his strength. I didn't know at this time that Tim and many of the UF team had been ill that week.

We had to watch the game via a tape delay(living in Germany it is not always available) the day after, but we had already heard that Tim had been injured and were anxious to see what happened. When my husband saw a close up of Tim's face, he could only see one side and the eyeblack with 40:31 on it. When he told me the chapter and verse, I immediately said, it's Isaiah. Then I realized just how neat God is. He confirmed with me that what I was sharing with the women in Stuttgart was from Him, but I also felt He was preparing Tim and those watching the game to see God is omnicient, He numbers our days and was assuring Tim and us all to know that Tim, his illness of that week and this concussion was already taken care of. Praise be to our on-time God!

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