Saturday, September 12, 2009

Game Day Quotes

Now that Phil Fulmer is in the booth as a commentator, here's what he's had to say regarding Tebow and the Gators:

"Florida's challenge is going to be replacing the perimeter offense that Harvin was able to give them," said Fulmer, who was 5-12 against Florida and 147-40 against the rest of the NCAA combined during 17 seasons.

But, Fulmer said, having Tebow running the offense is an intangible the Gators have over every challenger.

"When (Tebow) was a freshman, everybody said 'there's nobody who can be all that'," Fulmer said. "Well Tim Tebow is all that. He puts that team on his shoulders every time he has to. I think he can do whatever he is asked to do."

and the rest of the CBS crew:

Tim Brando

"This guy is unique," Brando added. "There's nobody I've ever seen quite like him. He walks the walk.

"I remember asking (former Ole Miss and NFL great) Archie Manning to put in perspective what Tim Tebow means to the position and what he means in terms of the history of the game. And Archie, the father of two No. 1 draft choices, two Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks in Peyton and Eli, described how RogerStaubach ran as good as any quarterback he'd ever seen, and how Dan Marino had the quickest release and was so accurate, but Archie said he'd never seen a better football player play the position of quarterback than TimTebow. That says it all."

And finally, Gary Danielson, one of Tebow's biggest fans:

"I'm one of the people who believes Tim Tebow's only position in the NFL is at quarterback," Danielson said. "I don't think he's a tight end or a fullback. I think he is a quarterback, but he does need to learn how to be more of a pro-style quarterback. I don't think he would be happy just being a wildcat quarterback. We really don't know if he is an NFL-style quarterback yet.

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