Friday, September 25, 2009

Gators vs. 'Canes in the BCS title game?

As long time Gator fans, pre-Spurrier Gator fans, it has been hard to keep hopes and expectations for this season in check. But we've been surpassed by the almighty 'Canes in this one too.

We watched the FSU-Miami game with dismay. And yes, Miami beat Georgia Tech. Watched that one too. But we'll be very surprised if they get past Oklahoma, even without Bradford.

But the Miami Herald is "heralding" the U's comeback in the title race. Really?
Check out this headline, "Odds favor Hurricanes - Gators BCS tilt".

Of course it is a Vegas bookie who's making the prediction.

At least it's not just the Gators surrounded by too much hype and odds makers calling the shots. Maybe there's a bookie out there who'll wager on the 'Noles going all the way too. Then the state of Florida could have a trifecta on outrageous expectations.

Let's try and keep it all in perspective Gators, and enjoy every win, however close, because as Gators we are in uncharted waters with 13 consecutive wins!

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