Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Open Letter to Tim Tebow Fans

We've expressed our opinion more than once that we think it is a disservice to Tim Tebow, and what he stands for, to repeatedly refer to him as "perfect". We got alot of mail weighing in on both sides of the subject. But now Ted Kluck has published an open letter on Christianity Today:

That said, I think we need to give him a break.

In the time-honored tradition of evangelicals going berserk over the latest God-mentioning teenager in cleats, anxious to be led, inspired, entertained, and instructed by him, we are in danger of burning this kid out, or, perhaps more realistically, burning ourselves out on Tim Tebow. And while all signs point to (hopefully) Tebow continuing to have a successful career and a vibrant ministry, we need to give him the grace and the space to be a young man in his early twenties, which is to say occasionally imperfect. A sanctification work-in-progress, like the rest of us.

And we need to be there for him when the world tires of the novelty of a devout, successful Christian athlete. At some point the media will decide it's finished with stories of mission trips and prison visits and begin to find fault. And if Tebow is anything like the rest of us (maybe?) there is probably some fault to be found. My favorite Tebow moment, for which he took a little bit of grief, was the Gator chomp in the face of an opponent during last year's national title game, in the heat of the moment. It was a moment that showed passion and, perhaps more importantly, humanity.

We need to realize that Tebow won't always be there to inspire Thom Brennaman, deliver our babies, share the gospel with our co-workers, win every game, or walk across large bodies of water. He'll need our prayers and support then. He'll need them in the middle of an NFL rookie year in which he may be buried on the depth chart and the world may have stopped being his oyster. He'll need them if he ends up playing for the Detroit Lions.

So keep enjoying him, like I will. Cheer for him if you like the Gators, and cheer against him if you don't, even though he's a Christian. This is okay. And pray for him, his sanctification and his ministry, if you think about it. Pray that as Christians we would be always boasting in the cross of Christ. Pray that we would worship our Creator, and not the creation—even if that creation (college football, the spread offense, Tim Tebow) occasionally allows us a glimpse of greatness.

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