Sunday, September 20, 2009

Play of the Game: Tennessee

The consensus for the play of the game was Tebow's scramble, reverse, and then "tip toe" run down the sidelines to make a first down. It was a great play.

But our favorite play of the game was Ahmad Black's interception which effectively closed the game out. We had reverted to that old Gator standby "Go Clock Go! Go Clock Go!"

The other "play" of the game was the flying of the flags at half staff in honor of U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Bryan David Berky who gave his life in service to our country. At the beginning of the game there was a sort of "wave" of one person to the next explaining why the flags were at half staff. An older gentleman took his hat off when he heard that it was in honor of a local fallen serviceman, and covered his heart and bowed his head.

We would again like to thank Bryan Berky and his family for their sacrifice to our country, and also to all those in service here and overseas. And let us not forget that they in many ways make it possible for us to enjoy something as trivial as football without any real fear of harm or risk to our safety.

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