Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quote of the Day: Knuckle cracking is something I really enjoy.

Even more from the Q&A with Mayne:

KM: Is there anything bad about you? At all? Even a bad habit we can make news with?

TT: I crack my knuckles a lot. Even Coach Meyer was telling me yesterday, "Stop cracking your knuckles." I said, "Coach, come on. I've just got a few more to go."

KM: Likewise. I've done that since I was little. Do you ever crack them on your face?

TT: Eww, no. No, I just crack them with my thumb. I'll get about three cracks per knuckle.

KM: That's not bad. The cracking on your face you can use during meetings. You know how you put your fist up on your chin as though you're resting? Just lean into it, and you should be able to get two to three knuckles cracked.

TT: That's a good goal to set right now. Knuckle cracking is something I really enjoy.

KM: Do you do any other parts, like your knee or your back?

TT: Nothing else but my neck. I like to crack my neck to the side.

KM: That's bad for you. Definitely shouldn't do that. But the knuckle cracking is all right.

TT: I cracked my neck just right now as we spoke. I was like, Oh, I need one, so I got it in.

(hat tip: TW)

Photo: Gainesville Sun
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