Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quote of the Day: Nice legs, Tebow.

Jeremy Fowler, at the Orlando Sentinel, seems to be having fun chronicling the "man crush" between Kentucky's Ricky Lumpkin and Tim Tebow. Of all the OS writers, Fowler seemed to be the one immune to Tebow's boyish charm. Maybe that has changed.

Ricky Lumpkin just can't get over it. The Wildcats defensive tackle looks at Florida quarterback Tim Tebow and thinks of one thing.


"I don’t think fans understand how big he is," Lumpkins aid. "I didn’t, really. I knew he was big, but when you actually see him and you see the size of his legs and how big he is up top, you’re like, ‘This is a big quarterback.’

"You’re not used to seeing that. Quarterbacks usually are taller. They might have a little tone to them. But I’ve never seen a quarterback’s legs like that. Dude’s huge.

Translation: Nice legs, Tebow. Lumpkin might have a hard time tackling Tebow since he thinks he's so nice.

"He’s a good guy. You can’t hate him. You have to like him, as a person and a player. I have the utmost respect for him as a player. You seen the things he does? I have. He does everything. He can run, throw, block, gets in his own players’ face."

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