Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SEC Network pretending Tebow concussion never happened

Ben Volin has an interesting piece on how the SEC has limited access to the footage of the hit Tebow sustained giving him a concussion. Why should we care? Volin explains,

The only video on the SEC’s Web site that offers full coverage of the Tebow hit is the full game replay. To the SEC’s credit, that is a great service — you can watch entire game broadcasts in high definition on the Web site, without commercials.

If you want to watch the Tebow hit, the drive starts at the 84:30 mark. And you’ll see that Tebow was tended to a lot longer than “briefly,” and he certainly didn’t walk off the field “under his own power.”

Why should you care?

Because the SEC flexed its muscle this summer, and after signing a 15-year, $2.25 billion deal with ESPN, the SEC has claimed exclusive video rights to its game footage on the internet.

The SEC’s Web site, and the Web sites of the member schools, are the only places where you can legally watch SEC video highlights. Pretty soon, the only video evidence of SEC football on the entire internet will be on And the SEC is busy erasing the Tebow hit from history.

The hit is fair game to be watched, in much the same way that the "collision" between Tebow and Tennessee's Berry was the week before. Had Tebow been killed, or critically injured, then access could be limited out of respect to the family. But Tebow is human, and is not Superman, and it is important for fans, and especially young fans, to realize that injuries are an inevitable part of the game.

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