Saturday, September 5, 2009

SEC Records that might fall this season

Touchdown responsibility: The SEC record is 122, held by Florida’s Danny Wuerffel. Florida’s Tim Tebow has 110.

Touchdowns scored: The SEC record is 53, held by LSU’s Kevin Faulk. Tebow has 43.

Rushing touchdowns: The SEC record is 49, held by Georgia's Herschel Walker. Tebow has 43.

Total offense: The SEC record is 11,380 yards, held by Florida's Chris Leak. Tebow has 8,427 yards.

Rushing yards by a quarterback: The SEC record is 2,535 yards, held by Arkansas’ Matt Jones. Tebow has 2,037 yards.

Interceptions: The SEC record is 20 interceptions, shared by Ole Miss' Bobby Wilson and LSU's Chris Williams. Tennessee's Eric Berry has 12 interceptions.

Punt return yardage: The SEC record is 1,695 yards, held by Vanderbilt’s Lee Nalley. Alabama’s Javier Arenas has 1,259 yards and Florida’s Brandon James 1,127 yards.

Chris Low has more here.

Photo: Getty Images
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