Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Steve Addazio blames himself for Tebow's hit

For what it's worth, we don't think anyone should be "blamed" for Tebow's hit. It's football, hits happen. But Jeremy Fowler has the story:

Why is offensive coordinator Steve Addazio blaming himself for Tebow's injury by simply calling a play? Because he wants to deflect any blame on players and put it on him. Addazio said Tebow's concussion is "on me" affter calling the play "stick lion," with five wide and no backfield -- something Florida does all the time. This is nothing new.

"Everyone kind of did what they were suppose to do," Addazio said. "I think ultimately on that play right there where everything didn't exactly go as planne,d it should only go on one guy's shoulders. mine. That's it. No one else's...It's not an accurate statement at all. To answer your statement, no."

I don't think there's anyone to blame because left tackle Matt Patchan didn't blow an assignment by allowing defensive end Taylor Wyndham through, according to a teammate.

"The offensive line was supposed to “down” block to the right, and Tebow was supposed to roll right and throw quickly, before the pass rush arrived. “The backside end comes free,” guard Mike Pouncey said. “So Tebow has to get the ball out fast. And I guess he didn’t get it out fast enough.”

Maybe Tebow thought the play was going to have somebody drop back and cover his left side, but Wyndham made a quick play that gave Tebow less than two seconds to roll right and get rid fo the ball. When asked if he envisioned Tebow getting rid of the ball quicker when he called the play, Addazio said that was a "possibility" depending on UK's blitz package.

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