Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Challenge - Admit You were Wrong

Nice photo, huh? It's Tebow watching the replay of his fumble on the big screen, but we'll get back to that in a minute.

We were torn this week on the Sunday Challenge. With all the talk of "revenge" and "trash talk" and "retribution", the challenge was going to be to just "let it go." Which is a good thing. Holding grudges and harboring hatred and/or unforgiveness is a bad thing thing that ultimately only hurts you. It becomes a distraction and can become a festering wound. Apart from a win, we're glad all the Kiffin p.r. talk is over.

Then the story came out this week featuring the mother-daughter duo who tried to get a topless pic with Tebow in Radio Shack not long ago. And then we thought of challenging you ladies to keep your shirts on, because (and we really, really hope you believe us on this one) you so don't want the man you're going to attract by ripping your tops off indiscriminately in public. Or dressing like you'd be willing to do so. That's a whole lotta mess that you, and your mom, are not going to want to deal with in the short or long run. Please, believe us on this one.

But after sitting in the heat and watching the Florida-Tennessee game with all its ups and downs, and horrific officiating, and pre and post-game trash talking, we are going to suggest today that we all learn to admit when we're wrong.

First, Lane Kiffin's trash talk is really what spurred all the controversy and wrath mongering for this game. And it provided great rivalry fodder. We didn't hear Rocky Top once yesterday, and we suspect they weren't singing it on the buses back to Knoxville either. But that isn't what really got all us Gators mad. It was when Kiffin accused Coach Meyer of cheating, when he hadn't. And he still hasn't really apologized. And we know that this is our view, but when your apology has the word "if" in it, then it's not really an apology. When a statement begins with "if any one was offended...." then it's not an apology. An apology starts with "I was wrong."

Then there was the officiating. It was almost like the old days. We hope Urban Meyer takes one from the Ol' Ball Coach's play book on this one and sends a "highlight" tape to Mike Slive, the SEC Commissioner, regarding this week's refs. We have no expectation that anyone will admit to being wrong on this one, but we'd like to just put it out there. (Update: They did, with a little help.)

And to all the Gators that expected a crushing victory of the Vols, and left the game dissatisfied with a win, we pity you. It was an exciting game, and our team beat one of the best defenses we're likely to see in the regular season. And we beat them with little more than running the ball. How much fun, and frustrating to opponents, is it to see the revolving door of Demps, Rainey, Moody, and James coming in and out also knowing that Tebow can run the ball too.

And finally, we'd like to suggest that you watch Tebow's post game interview. He admits that the the official "play of the game" where he scrambled and reversed to make a first down was "not a good idea." When asked about his fumble near the goal line, he admits that it was a "stupid error," and that his unnecessary fighting for extra yards was "being selfish" and cost his team. And it was and it did. And watch it, he was clearly embarrassed. But he also gave credit to Tennessee for playing hard and having come prepared. Giving credit where credit is due isn't a bad thing to do when admitting you fell short.

(Click here for video)

Be willing to admit you are wrong. We know that in this day and age you have to be careful with your words, and there are a myriad of situations where it may be better to just keep your mouth shut, but there are moments where if you'd just apologize, sincerely apologize, and admit you were wrong it will make life a whole lot easier for all of us, sooner and not later. We're not saying it's easy, it's probably gonna hurt, just look at Tebow's photo again, but it's worth it. Please believe us on this one too.

Photo: Tebow watching the replay of his fumble
Gary W. Green/Orlando Sentinel

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