Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Challenge - Make a Difference

Because today starts the Gators' week off, we had intended to re-post our "eye black challenge" and we think it is actually fitting in the wake of Tim Tebow's injury.

The thing that we most admire about Tim, and the Tebow family, is that their lives are distinguished, or defined, by helping others and not by "achievement" per se. But even though football is not Tim's primary focus, he strives to be a champion in all that he does.

As we all wait to see what Tim's condition is, and while we pray he has a full and speedy recovery, there is a certain peace in knowing that regardless of when, or even if, he takes the field in two weeks that his life is and will continue to be measured by his charity and compassion for others and not just statics and wins as a football player.

So as we all wait, we ask that you take the "eye black challenge" and make a positive difference in someone's life. Because in the end there is always someone that will come in and take your place in whatever job you do, just as John Brantley was forced to do for Tim last night. But no one can ever fill your shoes when it comes to giving love and compassion, because in that regard we are all irreplaceable.

And because we assume that you are a Tebow fan if you are reading this, let's honor the man that has inspired us all, by getting out there and helping others.

Because the Gators have the next two weeks to prepare for LSU, and the next home game will be a true "homecoming," we are issuing the following challenge to fill your time with until then. Whether you are an army of one, a large group, or something in between, our challenge is for you to don your own eye black and make a difference in someone else's life.

Help a neighbor,
baby sit for a single parent or young couple,
take a kid to a sporting event,
coach a team,
volunteer at your local soup kitchen,
donate to your favorite charity,
send a package to our armed services serving overseas,
lead a support group,
foster or adopt a child in need,
give someone a hug or needed word of encouragement,
or simply put your cart away at the grocery store.

Whatever it is, do something you enjoy!
Be creative.

Small things become large things when added one by one. And whether you realize it or not, someone is watching, and that makes us all leaders. Great and small.

Again, our challenge to you is to don your eye black (with your favorite verse, loved one's name, area code, or whatever is most important to you), and get out there and do something to make a positive difference in the lives of those around you.

Send us your stories and photos, and we'll post them as inspiration for others.

Or post them to the Tebows Eyeblack Facebook wall.

Wherever you may be in life, join us now, and make a difference for good.

(We will be traveling back to Gainesville Sunday, for updates we suggest you visit or ESPN)
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