Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tebow does not Officially endorse Crocs

We all know that Tim Tebow loves his Crocs.

He's said so on Dan Patrick's show, and recently photographer Preston Mac was the one to break the news that Crocs was facing chapter 11. And apparently, they hoped Tebow could help them relieve their woes.

The Gators are sending a cease-and-desist letter to the shoe company Crocs, which used Tim Tebow's name in an official blog posting about Tebow wearing the soft slip-on shoe, according to a team spokesman. Florida has the right to protect its marks or its athletes' names, and it's done so numerous times because of Tebow's fame.

Crocs showcased a photo of Tebow on its web site wearing orange-and-blue Crocs at Florida's media day event in August. Tebow often wears the Crocs when not wearing cleats.

If Crocs can limp into next year, they may have a very enthusiastic spokesman, but until then it is cease and desist.

Photo: Gator Sports
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