Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tebow is too nice to hit?

If only more teams felt this way. Especially Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama.

Kentucky defensive tackle Ricky Lumpkin says it would be easier to stop Florida quarterback Tim Tebow if the former Heisman Trophy winner wasn’t so nice.

The Wildcats will try to snap a 22-game losing streak to the top-ranked Gators on Saturday, and Wednesday Lumpkin joked that Tebow is so polite it’s difficult to get motivated to tackle him. Lumpkin said Tebow is always helping opponents get up after a play and doesn’t talk any trash.

Kentucky, like most teams, has struggled getting Tebow to the ground. He threw for four touchdowns in a win at Commonwealth Stadium two years ago and accounted for four more scores in a win at Florida last year.

Defensive coordinator Steve Brown said the key to slowing Tebow is getting a hold of him when you get a chance, but admitted those opportunities are difficult to come by.

Check out Tebow and Berry's "collision" below, or here.

Photo: Getty Images

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