Thursday, September 10, 2009

Will eye black messages be banned?

In the wake of Terrelle Pryor wearing "Mike Vick" on his eye black, and the storm of controversy it has caused, many are asking whether the NCAA will ban eye black messages, including Tebow's bible verses.

Free speech aside, is it even prudent for the NCAA to ban eye black messages? Despite what you think of Michael Vick, is having his name on eye black enough to ban it for everyone? We hope not.

When asked about Tebow's and Pryor's eye black, Urban Meyer responded this way:

"I just think you try to just recruit good guys. I don't know about Terrelle Pryor,'' Meyer said. "I know our team. I don't want to be the eye black cop, which I haven't yet.''

Meyer noted, "Obviously Tim gets a lot of notoriety and I'm not too worried about what Tim is going to put on there.''

If the NCAA does ban eye black messages, we wouldn't mind seeing a few fans bringing back Brian Bosworth's old NCAA t-shirt.

Photo: Getty Images
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