Saturday, September 26, 2009

You can't really be mean to a guy who is killing you with kindness.

When asked what it's like to play against Tebow, here is what a few Kentucky defenders had to say:

1. Linebacker Micah Johnson: "It's like trying to tackle a moving refrigerator. That boy is a load."

2. Safety Calvin Harrison: "It's like tackling a brick wall. He's just so big and strong."

3. Defensive tackle Ricky Lumpkin: "It's crazy. He's bigger than most running backs in our league. He's like a fullback who can throw the ball.

"He doesn't talk trash at all. If anything, he might tell you good hit, or slap you on the helmet and say 'good play.' He doesn't say anything degrading at all."

4. Defensive tackle Corey Peters: "I've never heard him say much of anything. It's kind of hard to believe the way he's portrayed in the media, this perfect guy. You expect a little trash talk.

"But it all seems to be true as far as what I see on the field. Guys like him are actually a little more irritating than the trash talkers. It gets under your skin. You can't really be mean to a guy who is killing you with kindness."

And a few new Tebowisms.

Our favorite: If Tim Tebow played basketball, Ashley Judd would be a Florida fan.
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