Saturday, October 31, 2009

Quote of the Day: It's breathtaking.

"It's breathtaking," Tebow said. "It's Herschel Walker. How am I going to be in the same league as Herschel Walker?"

Photo: Kevin Cox/Getty Images

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Tebow breaks more than one record against UGA

Tebow also finished the first half with 63 yards rushing, breaking the SEC mark for career rushing yards by a quarterback. Former Arkansas star Matt Jones, who played receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars, previously held the record with 2,535 yards.

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Tebow breaks Herschel Walker's record video

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Tebow extends record to 51 rushing TDs

Florida makes a statement by beating Georgia, 41-17.

Tebow also broke the overall rushing record for a QB in the SEC.

The Gators have extended the winning streak to 18.

The Gators have also defeated Georgia 17 times of the last 20 meetings.

Photo: Kevin Cox/Getty Images

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Tebow gets all time Rushing TD Record*

Tebow on 3rd and 3, at the end of the second quarter, ran 23 yards for a career 50 rushing TDs.

Congratulations Tim!

*Herschel Walker had 5 bowl game TDs that are not in the official record. We've no doubt that Tim will surpass those too.

Photo: Gary W. Green

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Tebow's Eye Black for Georgia: Phil 4:6-7

Philippians 4:6,7: Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Photo: Gary W. Green

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Congratulations to the Gator Soccer Team!

Gators win fourth straight SEC Soccer title!

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Tebow's Eye Black for Georgia?: Luke 17:2

We'd like to refer back to Steve Russell's "Quote of the Day" for the Tennessee Game:

"If you are concerned about what a Gator fan wears to a game, then your team sucks!"

What's worse, is Georgia fans start early.

And there's a verse for what you are about to witness below,
Luke 17:2. (Tebow's real game eye black for the Georgia game is here.)

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Check out Slive's letter to Kiffin

Gator fans think they have the market on disliking Tennessee. But do not ever underestimate a Bama fan's disgust of Tennessee. It was inconceivable that the Crimson Tide could actually dislike anyone more than Phil Fulmer, but they have. As such, it is no surprise that an Alabama paper broke this story, even though a Tenn reporter got a copy of it first:

mike slive.jpg

The Freedom of Information Act is a wonderful thing. Knoxville radio host Jimmy Hyams, for my money the best reporter among talking heads in the South, used it to get a copy of the reprimand of the week SEC commissioner Mike Slive sent to Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin.





But don't take my word for it. Read some juicy segments for yourself. I added the italics for emphasis.

``It is your responsibility as a coach to comply with the policies of the Southeastern Conference and to know the football playing rules.''

In short, wise up.

``Since it is clear from your public comments that you believe this letter `mean(s) nothing,' let me be equally as clear to you. The next time you, or a member of your staff, make public comments of this nature, you will be suspended from all coaching duties for one or more games, and the institution may be subjected to a substantial fine.''

So despite the contention from a UT spokesman that Kiffin wasn't talking about reprimands when he mentioned ``those letters that mean nothing,'' Slive, like the rest of the free world outside the borders of Tennessee, believed he was.

``I also remind you that this is your second public reprimand in your brief tenure as Tennessee's head football coach, and on both occasions, you were wrong about the applicable rules.''

Those strong words came Monday, long before the SEC announced Friday that Slive is mad as heck and he's not going to take it anymore. From anyone. So shut up about the officials or the commish will sit you down.

Good for Slive. But I'm just wondering. Which does Kiffin take more seriously? A smack-down from Slive or a shout-out from Lil Wayne?

And in honor of the Ol' Ball Coach today, Go Cocks!

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Alligator Army wants "Evil Tebow"

We're not sure if "Evil Tebow" is the same as Bizarro Tebow, but Alligator Army does have a bit of a point. And since it is Halloween, we're not going to argue today.

You wouldn't like Evil Tim Tebow. Evil Tim Tebow doesn't like you either. He doesn't care if you write a blog or what plays your frat runs in flag football. Evil Tim Tebow takes dumps that can write a blog. You know when Good Tim Tebow goes to prisons to talk about Jesus? Evil Tim Tebow is inside beating up child abusers; the only good thing he does all year (Evil Tim Tebow is an Old Testament kind of guy). When Good Tim Tebow is running around with orphans in the Phillipines, Evil Tim Tebow is in Crystal River, killing manatees. You don't want to know Evil Tim Tebow and Evil Tim Tebow doesn't want to know you. In fact, Evil Tim Tebow is usually left alone with a bottle of Bushmills 21 and a phone. There are four people with that phone number; Urban Meyer, Chuck Norris, Bob Tebow and a hot blond (Evil Tim Tebow laughs at Good Tim Tebow for being a virgin).

2009 has been a difficult year for Evil Tebow. He's not in practice yelling at coaches or players for slacking off. That was his favorite thing; yelling at David Nelson for rounding off routes and Riley Cooper for not blocking. (Why do you think Cooper is such a good blocker now?) Evil Tebow has been replaced by Senior Tim Tebow, who is consumed with leaving a legacy, not killing people. Oh sure, Evil Tebow has made a few appearances. He played the final drive against Arkansas and is used in short yardage situations. But he needs to play more and not just because his whiskey is running out either. Evil Tebow was the guy who joined the team after Ole Miss in 2008, personally destroyed FSU in 2008 and 2007 ("That kind of irritated me," Tebow said. "I told the coach to give me the ball because I really wanted to hit somebody."), and played the second halves of the Alabama and Oklahoma games (he's at the beginning of this video too). Evil Tebow hates it when Good Tim Tebow makes promises, but at least that means more touches for Evil Tebow. He doesn't need another corny promise from Good Tebow, but Goddamnit, Evil Tebow needs to get in the game.

You will know if Evil Tebow is in Jacksonville. His pace is a little slower; the walk of a thoroughbred before he enters the starting gate. He won't smile and he won't wear one of those awful three piece suits and the women's eyeglasses. Evil Tebow knows how to dress and has 20/20 vision. Evil Tebow will look like the executioner heading to the gallows. Hate is Evil Tebow's weapon and he will use it. If Evil Tebow shows up, Georgia has no chance. If Evil Tebow finishes the season as the starter, the country won't have a chance either.

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Game Day Flashback: 2008 Florida - Georgia

Game Day Flashback: 1980 Florida - Georgia

Why is the Florida - Georgia rivalry so heated? Why do we care? Because the Gator Nation got our hearts broken on this one. And we still want it back.

Game Day Flashback: Billy Cannon's Punt Return

Today marks the 50 year anniversary of Bill Cannon's Punt Return.

If you don't know who Billy Cannon is or why his punt return is so venerated in football history, check out the SI story here. Below is footage of his run (but we suggest you mute the national anthem).

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The Okefenokee Oar

Today's Florida - Georgia game will add a new tradition, the Okefenokee Oar as the trophy. Nice. (And we can't wait to hear Vern and Gary Danielson pronounce Okefenokee for the first time).

There also is something else to consider. Saturday's Florida-Georgia rivalry game will add a new twist to its storied tradition when the winning school is awarded the Okefenokee Oar, the new traveling trophy for this annual series.

Carved from an Okefenokee Swamp cypress tree estimated to be 1,000 years old, the Okefenokee Oar is a joint effort between the University of Florida and University of Georgia student governments. The Oar symbolizes a border dispute between Florida and Georgia that took place during the colonial period. The Florida-Georgia border runs through the Okefenokee Swamp.

From a matchup standpoint, the first War for the Oar favors the Gators. Florida enters the game with the SEC's top-rated offense (457.0 yards per game), and Georgia's defense is ranked 10th in the 12-team SEC in yards allowed (365.6 ypg). Defensively, the Gators are ranked No. 1 in the league in nearly every statistical category, and Georgia's post-Matt Stafford-Knowshon Moreno offense has committed 17 turnovers in seven games.

Florida's offense has had its own problems, of course. Tebow has committed four turnovers in the past two weeks, and Florida's red-zone offense has been strangely abysmal to begin the season.

In conference play, the Gators have converted just 7 of 25 red-zone opportunities into touchdowns.

``We haven't played a complete game yet, which is amazing to the fact that we are 7-0,'' UF defensive tackle Terron Sanders said. ``That shows how tough our team is -- how close we are. Once we put a complete game together with all phases of the game, it's going to be something special to watch.''

Photo: Nathan Crabbe
Photo: Florida Alligator

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Want to dress like "Tebow" for Halloween?

We got some very unusual emails this week. Not only is it Florida - Georgia Week, but it is also Halloween. The message boards were lit up this week on how to dress like Tebow, from the Vol boards to even the Texas ones. But we'll spare you.

Instead, this was the suggestion of the week. Yes, this little tyke is named Tebow after, you got it, Tim Tebow. And he has his own "super" baby suit.

Click on the photo, and it'll take you to the website where you can buy it. But be careful, the UAA may send them a cease and desist for using "Tebow's" likeness to promote the suit.

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More on Dungy's thoughts on Tebow in the NFL

ProFootball Talk's David Michael Smith breaks down Dungy's comments on Tebow.

The biggest question mark in the 2010 NFL Draft is Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, who's viewed by some as a future franchise quarterback and by others as a guy who will need to move to another position if he'll ever make it as a pro.

Count Tony Dungy as emphatically believing that Tebow will be an NFL superstar.

Appearing Friday morning on The Dan Patrick Show, Dungy said he believes the combination of leadership and athletic ability that Tebow has will make him an elite NFL quarterback -- and more than make up for any questions about his throwing motion.

"As a coach, I always like winners," Dungy said. "Tim Tebow doesn't have the classic throwing motion, he doesn't have the accuracy, maybe, right now that some people are looking for, but I think when he gets into a pro system that really stresses throwing the ball accurately, the big thing is he makes the people around him better. And he's won. ... I think he's going to be a great player in the NFL."

Dungy said that if he were running a team with a Top 10 pick, he'd take Tebow. Patrick then asked Dungy who he'd pick for his team if he could have any of the top college quarterbacks, including Washington's Jake Locker, Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen, Oklahoma's Sam Bradford and Texas's Colt McCoy. Dungy didn't hesitate and said, "I'm taking Tebow."

One of the knocks on Tebow is that during his stellar career in Florida's spread offense, he's never been asked to make the kinds of throws that quarterbacks in prototypical NFL offenses have to make. But Dungy said a good coach can take advantage of Tebow's strengths.

"Is it ever going to be Peyton Manning-ish? Maybe not," Dungy said of Tebow's throwing motion. "But I just think what you can do with him, the problems he creates for a defense, the combination of leadership and what he's shown, if I have him, defenses have to prepare for a totally different offense. ... He's going to give teams the most headaches getting ready for him."

Full story here.

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1 John 4:16

1 John 4:16 We know the love that God has for us, and we trust that love.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Is Tebow really all that?

One of the interesting things about doing this blog is that each week has been so different, especially the comments and interest from opposing fans regarding Tim Tebow and the Gators.

But this week we were deluged with email from Georgia fans intimating in varying degrees that Tebow "is a fake." So in their honor, we've decided to re-post our opinion on the matter.

Most Gator fans already know about Tim Tebow pushing a 7 year old boy with cerebral palsy around in his wheelchair during warm-ups before the season opener against Charleston Southern. But for those of you who haven't heard about it, Boomer Hornbeck's grandfather, Bud Hornbeck, submitted the rest of the story and you can read it here. And, yes, it's true.

We get a fair amount of email regarding Tim Tebow, some concerned and some jeering, that he's "a fake." And we understand their concern.

But we live in Gainesville and we have seen him here, and there around town over the past few years. We've seen him patiently and graciously have his meal interrupted by some pretty obnoxious fans (as hard as it is for many of you to believe that Gator fans can actually be obnoxious). And we've seen him smile while receiving a few barbs at his expense (yes, even in Gainesville). But when you actually see him take time and talk with kids, and joke with them, and listen to them ramble on nervously and encourage them, the skepticism begins to fade.

We've also seen how people behave when he is present and how they behave when he leaves, and the difference is stark. You may not be better for having met him, like Thom Brennaman so embarrassingly gushed, but people do put their best foot forward when he is present. And we like to think of that as a good thing, because it does actually make our lives better here in Gainesville.

We encourage you to read the Hornbecks' story, but we suggest even more that you look at the family photos that they took. We all know that you can spot a fake, but when you look at Boomer's trip to the Swamp, you can clearly see the emotional impact it had, not only on Boomer, but especially on Urban Meyer. You can also see how much fun Tebow had showing Boomer around.

People wonder if Tebow is "really that good" but what they don't really consider is how much fun it has to be. You know that feeling you get at Christmas when you give to the Salvation Army or help a family in need. That small warm glow as you forget about yourself and all your problems for one small moment. Imagine feeling like that everyday. The guy is a beast on the field and that success gives him the ability to "make the day" for kids like Boomer, and Gator fans alike. But you don't have "to be all that" to make someone's day.

The question shouldn't really be "is Tebow really all that?" but why aren't we? Our lives and the lives of those around us would be so much better if we were. So if you find yourself asking if Tebow is "really all that?" Ask yourself this instead, "why not me?" Because, let's face it, none of us are ever going to play like him, but how hard is it to feel good about helping someone else?

Tim Tebow may be a fake, we don't really know. But you know that warm feeling you get when you help some one out, it isn't and won't ever be.

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Quote of the Day: FLA's game plan.

The Georgia Bulldogs have the Gators' game plan.

Here's FLA's game plan. They are gonna run right or left or up the middle or throw a pass. That's it.

Nominate for Best of the Vent Score: 11

We'd like to hear their thoughts on the Gator D.

Photo: AP

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Tony Dungy has "strong" words on Tim Tebow

On today's Dan Patrick Show, Tony Dungy gave Tim Tebow a strong endorsement.

In essence, Dungy said he'd take Tebow over Sam Bradford, Jimmy Clausen, etc.

"The combination of leadership and what he has shown (in the wildcat) he is going to give teams multiple headaches."

And Rich Eisen concurred. "You have to go with a guy that's a winner....and Tebow's got it."

Tebow's actual draft stock is rising.

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Back to Atlanta

This is one of the more slyly funny bits of smack talk we've seen.

Click on the photo to go to the Back to Atlanta Blog, then scroll down, and on the right under "Friends, Family and Misc" click on

"A Tribute to UGA".
Trust us, you'll like it.

And we like the title of their blog, and expect the Gators to follow in their footsteps in December.

Go Gators!

Deuteronomy 33:27

Deu 33:27 The eternal God is your shelter, and his everlasting arms support you. He will force your enemies out of your way and tell you to destroy them.

Deu 33:27 El eterno Dios es tu refugio, y abajo Están los brazos eternos. El Echará de delante de ti al enemigo, diciendo: '¡Destruye!'

Deu 33:27 O Deus eterno é a tua habitação, e por baixo estão os braços eternos; ele lançou o inimigo de diante de ti e disse: Destrói-o.

Deu 33:27 亘古的 神是你的居所;他永久的膀臂在你以下。他把仇敌从你面前赶出去,他发令说:‘毁灭吧!’

Deu 33:27 永遠の神様があなたの避難所。 永遠の御手があなたを支え、 敵を追い散らし、 『滅ぼせ』と命じます

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The numbers that separate Herschel Walker and Tim Tebow

First, Dan Shanoff crunches the numbers on how both Herschel Walker and Tim Tebow arrived at 49 rushing touchdowns. But this time, not by years, but in the number of attempts:

Actually, I'd argue that Georgia fans don't want to go there. Here's why:

In those "only three" years, Herschel Walker had 994 rushing attempts: 274 as a freshman, 385 as a sophomore, 335 as a junior. His 49 TDs came at a rate of 1 TD per 20 carries.

In 3.5 seasons -- and let's end this "4" bunk, because Tebow has only played half a season this year and was a part-time player as a freshman, as you'll see -- Tim Tebow has had 596 rushing attempts: 89 as a freshman, 210 as a sophomore, 176 as a junior, 121 as a senior.

Tebow's 49 TDs came at a rate of one TD for every 12 rushing attempts.

But perhaps a little more important to the overall discussion, is that stats from bowl games were not counted until 2002, and Herschel Walker had an additonal 5 TDs in bowl games. It is entirely conceivable that Tebow will be able to get six more rushing TDs (55) this season to overtake Herschel Walker's overall rushing TD record.

Finally, how many TDs has Walker thrown? Not to diminish his importance and sheer athletic skill, but for a QB who normally stays in the pocket, think Manning and Brady, to run that many TDs is phenomenal. And if it was that easy, then why is Tebow the first, and only, 20 - 20 player in the history of the game?

Finally, now that Tebow has broken through the 20-20 barrier, will more do so knowing that it is now possible? If so, let's hope it's another Florida QB to do so, and especially if he is the "son of a preacher man."

Photo: AP

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Tigers Agains Trafficking Concert Tonight

For all our LSU friends out there, and we know you're there even though you don't necessarily want to admit it. There's a great event happening, so please go and check it out!

Click on the photo for details

And if you live in North Central Florida, have a look at the
Be Her Freedom Run in JAX on Nov 7.

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Inside the Replay Booth at Miss St

Want to see inside the replay booth where the now infamous Dustin Doe TD against Mississippi State was decided? Well here it is:

Was it what you were expecting? Kyle Veazey of the Clarion Ledger has a good story not only how and why the recent calls at MSU have been made, but also on the room and environment in which the officials make the calls.

Accessible through the west side club level seats, a heavy door keeps would-be interlopers out with a sign that reads "No Admittance. SEC - Authorized Personnel Only." A window air-conditioner keeps it cool. Reflective tinting on the glass keeps outsiders from peering in or - as Mississippi State fans may want to do now - offering a single-finger salute to anyone in particular.

On Wednesday, a half-consumed bag of Wint-O-Green Lifesavers sat on top of the replay rules manual, 2008 edition. There are two telephones, a stack of video equipment behind the chairs and fluorescent lights. Mini-blinds shield the window, too, which has an 'R' facing the field in its top-right corner to orient the on-field official.

My, what important things have occurred here in the past three weeks, as instant replay has twice drawn Mississippi State's ire in October. The latest came Saturday, in front of the third-highest audience to watch a college football game this year on ESPN. The replay booth confirmed a Florida touchdown, but ESPN's replays eventually showed it wasn't.

Makes you wonder why ESPN's coverage is not available to the officials, especially now that ESPN is so heavily financially vested in the SEC. Or maybe the controversy gives them better ratings?

And why did the call stand? Because there was no "indisputable evidence" available to the replay official to overrule the call on the field.

Redding defended the work of his replay official Saturday, Dan Dembinski, stressing that the replay rule calls for indisputable video evidence. "It's not like in a court of law where there is reasonable doubt," Redding said. "There can be no doubt at all for a replay official."

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A Pleasing Dilemma: Tim Tebow and the Cost of Discipleship

Another Dawg, Jeff Robinson, thanks Tim Tebow for his Christian influence.

For nearly four years, Tim Tebow has presented a dilemma in my home. He is an all-American quarterback, perhaps one of the two or three best players ever to play the college game. He is, as we say in my rural Georgia hometown, "tougher than pig iron," often battering his body and willing his troops to victory like Aragorn at Helms Deep. Opposing players see Tebow in the huddle and shudder. He plays every down as if it were his last. I really like that.

But, herein lies our dilemma: he plays for the Florida Gators, the national champions, and my family has for decades bled the red and black of the Georgia Bulldogs, my alma mater's entry in the toughest sports conference in America. For us, the operative equation goes something like this: Dawgs + Gators = mortal enemies.

But here is my recent problem: Tim Tebow is my brother in Christ. He shares the Gospel, undertakes missions work, and seeks to live a Godward life with the same tenacity that he displays when it is third-and-goal on the opponent's one-yard line.

Tebow wears eye black emblazoned with John 3:16 and he plays football the way a Christian should: smash mouth, grit-and-gunpowder, all out all the time, to the glory of God. It is exceedingly difficult to root against such a brother.

Recently, my oldest son asked me if it would be okay if he adopted Tim Tebow as a hero so long as he maintained his primary allegiance to a certain team from Athens, Ga. (where, incidentally, head coach Mark Richt, a vibrant follower of Christ, is also a wonderful example of biblical manhood). I didn't have to think very long. "Absolutely," I told him, wondering if I had really just signed off on such a request.

This dilemma has stretched me; it has made me pray for the grace to live in accordance with the difficult imperatives of Romans 12, which is always a good thing. In the same manner as Paul admonished believers to imitate him insofar as he imitated Christ, I want my boys to be like Tebow because he is a very clear and winsome example of what biblical manhood should look like in a young man.

One does not have to delve very deep to find a vibrant and orthodox faith living within college football's brightest star. This past summer, Tebow was asked about his commitment to stay pure until marriage. Could it be true? "Yes," he told a cynical media corps, without blinking. Tebow believes the Bible teaches that sex is the exclusive privilege of a man and woman within the bonds of marriage. He said so without blinking, later admitting that he does not date. And so authentic was his answer and so authentic has been his walk before a watching public, the usually snarky fifth estate received the answer without the customary ridicule. "How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word." (Ps. 119:9)

Tebow is unashamed of Christ and all the implications that come from following Him. He is willing to endure mockery and ridicule for Christ because, as he recently told ESPN in an interview, living for Christ is life and death. And football? Well, he told ESPN, it is just a game and it is by no means ultimate; Christ and the Gospel are.

This is what biblical manhood does. Biblical manhood carries out assigned tasks with diligent effort to the glory of God. It walks unashamedly with Christ and risks alienating the city of man on issues such as sexual purity because it lives with a greater city in view. It lovingly, humbly, and with biblical tenacity, leads and protects those placed under its care, manfully shouldering the blame and repenting when it fails. Biblical manhood enjoys the good gifts God has given while worshiping the Giver as the supreme treasure. And it pushes fathers to teach their sons that love for the body of Christ trumps affections for their favorite football team.

Go Dawgs, but God bless you brother Tim. Thank you for giving my sports-crazed son a snapshot of Christ and a reminder of the supremacy of the Gospel.

Kiffin manages to say everything, while saying nothing at all

Or is it the other way around? Either way, Lane Kiffin is a master of the pop shot. Who knew that life in the SEC could get any more fun than normally beating Tennessee. Here's Kiffin's latest shot, given during the Wed coaches' teleconference:

“I’m moving on from last week. I’m not getting into conversations about it and whether I feel that we have been treated different than, per se, Florida or Alabama or Nick Saban or Urban Meyer. I’m going to stay away from it and get ready for this week. We need to get a win. We’ve got a big-time team coming in here.”

It's also interesting that he calls South Carolina a "big-time" team. First, Florida was the best team in the history of the game. Then last week Bama was the best team. Kiffin has this one defense on his side, at least he's as consistent as AP voters are in picking No. 1 every week.

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Quote of the Day: No, He'd tell me that now

Coach Meyer on if Tim Tebow has an injured shoulder leading up to the Florida - Georgia game:

“No. He’d tell me that now. His freshman year, he wouldn’t.”

Photo: AP
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Be Her Freedom Run in Jax, Nov 7

For Details, Click on the photo below

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